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bridal coaching

There is no more beautiful adventure in the day than taking time for yourself. Try something different from the usual. A different styling.
When you are talking about the most important day of your life, then the bridal planning must be excellent.

As a professional, when you go to comb a bride’s hair, you think: “Good luck.” I feel a need that the result I will offer deserves congratulations.

bridal hairstyle

People need to admire your work. So it is an elaborate and special process for us as creators, but also for the bride of course, who is the main person!

As a special, well, process then the hairdresser must have so much knowledge to meet the vision of every bride-to-be, who wants the most beautiful bridal hairstyle of her life and wants to be and feel more beautiful than ever!

What he needs from us is to feel trust. Give her ideas, suggestions, do tests together. She wants guidance, she wants her hairdresser by her side to feel secure that whatever happens to her will only be positive and beautiful. So she wants a Bridal plan!

To look good the professional should know how to wear each hairstyle correctly on each person, in style. Manage the texture so that it lasts and is matched well with the dress and style of her entire selection.

Because in addition to practice, theory is needed!

Key words are knowledge, experience and creativity.
Very important is also the cooperation with everyone around the bride-to-be. Most of all, good relationship with mom and mother-in-law!

bridal hairstyle

These and many other keys for this whole process can be found in the Bridal Coaching seminar. It will inspire you and give you food for thought. It will guide you in organizing to deal with even the most difficult situation.

Find more details about Bridal Coaching here!
I’m waiting for you!

Μαρία Δρετάκη
Μαρία Δρετάκη
Salon manager Ανανέωση - Hair master education - Creative director Haute Coiffure Fransaise Hellas - Artist L’Oréal professionnel


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