Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Treatments – only in the salon?

Our topic today is hair treatments!
I would say it’s a burning issue.

And our questions are:

Do I have to?
Only at the salon?
What treatment do I need?

So let’s take things from the beginning so that we can arrive at the result with knowledge.

There are too many hair treatments from too many companies on the salon market.
Each salon certainly has 5-6 to suggest depending on the problem they found from your diagnosis.
There are treatments based on hydration, others on reconstruction, others on deep cleansing of the hair and others on split ends.

I wonder which one would be ideal for you?

I will help you to untangle your thoughts.

What is the point?
But, of course, healthy hair!

How to have healthy hair?

With the following AN:
– You don’t pester them with daily use of heat tools.
– You take care of the products on your shelf.
– You don’t ask for unrealistic changes very often.
– Your professional hairdresser will tell you no!
– Get a haircut according to your hairdresser’s instructions, i.e. about every 3 months.
– During the quarter, make sure you give your hair the treatments it needs to stay hydrated until the next haircut.

So here are some ways to keep your hair healthy!

So treatments are not the magic wand as many people think.
You don’t do a treatment and your overly damaged hair will magically grow back.
Just as ONE treatment is NOT enough to see a difference.


The treatments:

  • They want frequency: diagnose with your professional hairdresser and make a plan according to the needs.
    They need specialization: After diagnosis, choose the ideal treatments. The best thing to do is to first do a deep cleansing to remove all the residues, metals and salts from your hair and then apply the appropriate treatment.
    With deep cleansing, you “get rid” of everything that doesn’t need to be on your hair and you will have a clean canvas that will show you exactly what its needs are.
    Just as you deep cleanse your face, your scalp and hair need the same.
    They want a combination: as I said before, a cuckoo does not bring spring! So you should always think that in order to have hair and enjoy it until you are 100, then you have to take care of it and take care of it.

The ideal combination for healthy hair is:

Deep Cleaning – Treatment – Haircut
-They are not for everyone, no matter how anonymous or anonymous they are. Each head has specific needs and deficiencies. Your professional hairdresser should tell you what to do after diagnosing the condition of your own hair.
-Good treatments are NOT available on any other shelf than your hairdresser’s.
-You will change your hair and life in general if you behave consistently at home.

DON’T forget that the best treatment is a haircut!!!!
You can re-read these unique articles of mine and find out why haircuts are above all else:

Just as you trust doctors for your medical issues, trust professional hairdressers for your hair!

I kiss you,
Calliope Veniou


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