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Tips and Ideas for White Hair

It is a fact that over time, our hair changes and this is normal.
How can we take care of our white hair and make it look beautiful?

Proper Care
First of all, proper care is the key.
Use products specifically designed for white hair.
A good shampoo and conditioner can help maintain the shine and health of your hair.

Stylistic Ideas
Close Haircut: A short haircut can give a youthful and dynamic look.
Wavy Hair: Add volume and movement to your white hair with a wavy style.

White hair can be very stylish.
Consider leaving them natural or choosing a colour that suits you.
Highlights are also a nice option.
Let’s look at some ideas:

1. Silver Highlights
Silver highlights are one of the most popular options.
They add shine and depth to your hair color.

2. Pink Coloring
For a more playful look, you can try a pink shade.
Pink can give a unique, yet fresh style to white hair.

3. Metallic Colours
Gold, bronze, or bronze?
Metallic colours are extremely popular and can also add a modern flair to you.

See in detail solutions and ideas for your white hair in my new YouTube video and you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Click here to see it!

If you want to make the change, to renew yourself and get a new image, talk to your Hairdresser Consultant.
He is the right person to make suggestions for your needs and particularities.

So I am waiting for you for a diagnostic appointment at Ananesios Salon, in Heraklion, Crete.
And if you are a hairdresser, share this article with your clients.

If you have any questions, you can find me on social media, Facebook & Instagram.

I kiss you,
Maria Dretaki

Μαρία Δρετάκη
Μαρία Δρετάκη
Salon manager Ανανέωση - Hair master education - Creative director Haute Coiffure Fransaise Hellas - Artist L’Oréal professionnel


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