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theCURLY- Everything for curly hair

“theCURLY” – Everything for curly hair!

Everyone has a right to style. Our hair is the accessory that in every woman is unique, special and that’s the beauty of it!

This makes our job more difficult. Of course, knowledge is never enough. We always have something new to learn. In other words, every head has something new to teach us. Especially a head with curly hair.

You can also read my article “Back to curls!“, a look back at the curly hair techniques of the past and the design techniques of today.

Curly hair
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In Greece, basically curly hair is very common. Of course we are not close to the type of African countries but the quality that we find in Greece is common: Thick hair, lots of hair, with dark bases, frizz and natural curls.

We notice that Greek women are well-dressed women and this is because they choose the hairdresser for their hairstyle.
Proof that Greek hairdressers know how to comb our hair.
We were once taught by the great French hairdresser Laurent Decreton.
At the Workshop he would watch us working and say: “When I see Greeks combing, I feel that I still have a lot to learn.”

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Become an expert of curly hair. You can!

And so I come to this: Curly, kinky, frizzy hair needs more love, care and technique.
What are the steps?
Initially it was aimed at getting style, texture and shine. Then, give a successful result with a haircut that highlights the hair.
Close by giving your client tips to keep her hair beautiful and healthy.

In my seminar, “theCURLY”, you will find all the answers for curly hair. Ideas and suggestions for beautiful hair with style to maintain its naturalness and make it look as impressive as it deserves.
Learn all about the ultimate trend of the year.

This is a three-hour, look ‘n learn seminar, with a presentation on live models with natural hair.

Save the date for:
Sunday 30 January Time 18:00.

Find all the details about the seminar at the link, here.

I’m waiting for you!

Short, curly, Collection ”Attitude” by Maria Dretaki

Μαρία Δρετάκη
Μαρία Δρετάκη
Salon manager Ανανέωση - Hair master education - Creative director Haute Coiffure Fransaise Hellas - Artist L’Oréal professionnel


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