Friday, December 8, 2023

Shampooing the right way!

Lusimo reads the title and says:
“Come on, now that I don’t know how to bathe.”
“But how hard is it to wash?

You wanna bet you make mistakes?

You’re soaking, yes! I don’t doubt it! But are you doing it right or are you missing the ball somewhere?

Let’s see with some simple but so important rules what is the right shampooing!

Rule No. 1:

Wash when your hair needs it and not because of your own stress.
Remember: water is not innocent! It leaves metals in your hair every time!
Ideally twice a week but if this is not possible DO NOT use a deep cleansing shampoo every time you shampoo.
What do I mean?
For example: you wash 4 times a week because your work leaves smells in your hair. That means they’re not dirty every time but you want to give them a freshen up. So in this case you need 2 shampoos. One for frequent use and one for deep cleaning to remove dirt and grime.
So twice a week wash with the deep conditioner and 2 or more times a week with the shampoo specially formulated for frequent use.

Rule No. 2:

Wash with shampoo that helps the hair: don’t “load up” on residues, minerals and salts. L’oreal’s Metal Detox is an ideal range.

Rule No. 3:

Before you start shampooing, make sure you have untangled your hair. (With love, e;;;;)

Rule #4:

If you can, bathe standing up so you don’t confuse them further.

You think I’m done?

Rule #5:

Don’t rub it in with hate, my little bird. Calm down! Don’t get rabies!!!!
It’s not your fault if he grabbed the food!
With calm downward movements I gently rub between the palms. Okay?

Rule #6:

Shampooing is not spray, wipe, done!
Give it time if you want to have healthy hair!
Don’t forget the root massage!!!! At least 2 minutes massage with your fingertips to create blood flow.

Rule No. 7:

You don’t need much shampoo. The size of a €2 coin is enough for each “hand” wash. Don’t think that if you empty half the bottle on yourself they will clean better.

Rule #8:

Never ever forget the conditioner!!!!
conditioner must be on your shelf because it restores the original condition of your hair !!!

Rule #9:

NO the mask is not for every time after shampooing. Is this your first time hearing it? I’m going to be poisoned!
If you want to do a mask you can do it once a week or every 15-20 days depending on the needs of your hair. But to make a mask you will follow the product instructions religiously. You do not exceed the waiting time written on the product!

Rule #10:

I see you…
I know you’ve got your whole palm in the conditioner…Oh! Uranus….pat pat pat ( hand cuff )
Put down at least 2/3 of what you took and apply as much as you need. That is… a little quantity! It’s not for the hustle and bustle!

Rule #11:

You don’t do laundry, man.
Gently said! Gently!!!!
Don’t twirl those poor things around like they’re a pair of trouser pants that’s been stonewashed.

and conclude with rule No 12

Rule No. 12:

And now it’s towel time…
If you want to finish me off, tell me you’re rubbing it in hysterics and I’ll take the damn thing and get it over with.
Repeat after me: H-R-E-M-A ! Do we have it?
You’re sponging the hair to get lots of water! You don’t rub!!!!

Need I say about drying?
Never mind…let me not burn you completely….
You suspect what I’m going to say…

H-R-E-M-A !

Calliope Veniou


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