Thursday, February 22, 2024

HAIRPROF 2021 women’s competition themes!

On 25-27 September, at the SEF, the doors of Hairprof will open to welcome hairdressers from all over Greece and beyond!

The exhibition will also include competitions in order to highlight the hairdressers of the year (in male, female, student competition)… but this year, for the first time, also in makeup.

Let’s take a detailed look at the issues of the female part

1.Daytime hairstyle (on a doll)

The hair should be 2 palms longer than the base of the doll and combed straight down.

At the end of the hairstyle 60% of the hair should be down.

The colours should blend harmoniously together and be commercial.

All tools and hairpins are allowed.

All styling products are allowed.

Time 35′.

2.Commercial haircut (on a doll)

When entering the set, hair should be combed back (at least 10 cm all over the head), (wetting is optional).

Each contestant can choose 1 of the three lines given in the photos.

(There is no need to copy the colours exactly).

It is allowed to use a curling iron or curling scissors in order to emphasize a point of the line, but without altering the line of the haircut.

All clipping tools are allowed.

Up to 3 colours can be used, as long as they blend harmoniously together and are commercial.

Ornaments and shaving are prohibited on any part of the doll.

Time 40′.

3.Bridal hairstyle (on a doll)

Upon entering the set, hair can be prepared with a blow dryer, iron or roller.

All tools are allowed.

All styling products and ready-made bobs are allowed.

One ornament is allowed, which should not exceed 20% of the hairstyle.

All colors and dichromes are allowed as long as they are commercial (no neon colors and spray paint).

Braids are allowed, as long as they are the same colour as the doll.

Time 35′.

4.1940s hairstyle (on a model)

The contestants will have to capture the style of the specific decade not only in the hairstyle but also in the model’s outfit and make-up.

Upon entering the set, contestants will be able to have their hair prepared with a flat iron, blow dryer or roller.

All tools and styling products are allowed.

No braids, extensions or ornaments are allowed.

The colors of the model’s hair should be in harmony with the specific decade.

Bobbers are allowed.

Time 35′.


All contestants will have to work on the same mannequin model!

Vendor: Telis Kikeris.

Hairstyles model ‘Anna’, haircut model ‘Adele’.

For any other information visit the Hairprof website or call 2109237958.


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