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Good Vibes Event by L’Oréal Professional Products

The biggest digital event of the entire hairdressing community was a complete success.

For the first time, professional hairdressers from every corner of Greece met “digitally” at ACCESS, the digital educational platform of L’Oréal Professional Products and experienced a special evening that had it all: stories and inspiring people of the industry, fashion through the eyes of the hairdresser and the hairdresser. Lucky Gavala, wonderful hair creations, top international and Greek hair artists and the most famous brands.

But most of all she had powerful moments, inspiration and excitement for what makes the hairdressing community so special. “2020 has been a testing year for the industry and from the beginning of this ordeal we at L’Oréal Professional Products have stood by these people, supporting and encouraging them at all levels. Through this hardship, we have seen the hairdressing community become stronger, more united, more influential in society and on social media. The Good Vibes Event is therefore a celebration, recognition and our own thank you to the industry that continues to inspire us and create optimism for a better future,” said Maria Korali, General Manager of L’Oréal Professional Products to journalist Nancy Zambetoglou, who was the presenter of the evening.

For the first time at the Good Vibes Event, hairdressers and people of the industry shared with the audience their own feelgood stories Anastasis Stavropoulos (Anber), Stavros Liaros, Anastasios Siolos, Konstantinos Koutoupis and Dimitris Girtzalis from the organization “Restia” spoke about their social and environmental action, confirming that hairdressing is not just an art, but is a whole philosophy of care and beauty that can change our lives.

The imagination of a hairdresser can sometimes go beyond the boundaries of art and touch new artistic, business and digital ideas. The artistic team Haute Coiffure Greece, Thodoris Ikonomakis, Kleanthis Kefalas, Konstantinos Kavrakos, Ioanna Tziga with Sissy Visvardi and Maria Angeloglou see hairdressing through a new digital perspective, practicing “thinking out of the box”.

“These people are our inspiration. We envision the hairdresser of tomorrow, a modern hairdresser, creatively strong and entrepreneurially thriving, using the power of digital to take their art and business to even greater heights. As a company and as the L’Oréal Professional Products team, we stand as true business partners to provide him with all the tools – artistic, technical and business – to develop his expertise, grow stronger and promote his business and his art even more. This is our offer to the industry”, says Manolis Magonis, Commercial Director L’Oréal Professional Products.

The new era of the industry and the role of education were discussed in the Good Vibes Event studio by Natasha Begni, Education Director of L’Oréal Professional Products and Lefteris Kikeris, Artistic Director of Prestige Telis Kikeris School, who shared his own thoughts on digital education, which is here to stay and unite the hairdressing community around the world. “For us at L’Oréal, training is an evolution, it’s an inspiration, it’s a way of communicating and connecting with our partners and we saw this very strongly throughout the past year in these difficult conditions. Our vision is to offer continuous and high quality education and we believe that blended learning – the combination of digital learning via the ACCESS platform and physical practice in our new Academy – is the ultimate training experience for every hairdresser who yearns to continually get better.” says Natasha Begni, Education Manager L’Oréal Professional Products.

In the unique catwalk video that followed, fashion met hairdressing as the leading hair artists Lefteris Kikeris, Stamatis Karaiskos & Dimitris Magos revealed how they imagine the modern woman through the eyes of L’Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase and Redken, respectively.

The baton was passed to the captivating Lakis Gavalas who spoke about the changes brought by the pandemic in fashion, the new trends and how they translate into our daily lives. “Women now have access to the international catwalks, they know how to compare and choose what suits them best, noted Lakis Gavalas with Anna Hamalelli, LOréal Brand Manager Professional Products to confirm.

“The professional products industry gave birth to L’Oréal more than 110 years ago in Paris, the city of fashion, freedom and creativity. Since then, our passion has been hairdressing, and as our founder Eugene Shueller (Schueller) said, “What we strive to achieve is to make hairdressers’ work easier, because L’Oréal was created to be at the service of hairdressers.”So of course are brands dedicated to hair science and always hand in hand with professional hairdressers, as it is our vision as a market leader to help them evolve and make a difference.Our research leads to iconic product innovations that allow hairdressers to offer innovative services and personalised results to each woman, to each unique personality,” said Anna Hamalelli, Director of Marcona LOréal Professional Products.

The evening ended with a warm welcome to the new year and a big thank you from the whole L’Oréal Professional Products team, leaving the hairdressers with lots of… #GoodVibes!

Do you want to experience the Good Vibes Event by L’Oréal Professional Products?

-Download the ACCESS app for ios or android on your mobile phone and register

-Find the Good Vibes Event icon and enjoy!

#GoodVibesEvent #GoodVibesLOreal


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