Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Do it your way Challenge!

Welcome back to the world of art! Once again, we started the engines and went on another journey of creativity and imagination. For one more Challenge!
Together we will play, have fun and create!
Circumstances call for a little joy!

After the success of the Do What I Do quarantine, we take it a step further and we all unleash our imagination.
Get an idea of what I do in the video below.

The diversity of people and nature in general is beauty!
I invite you to discover it together and bring it to life! Do it your way challenge!

Let’s go!

Every month a challenge for everyone without exception! Every month, I will start with a theme and then you guys create, each in your own way. You get the main idea or instruction but you are not bound by anything to copy it.
You design and build it as you wish.

Do it your way well! Then, you can take your turn to challenge and invite your friends, colleagues and associates to the challenge!
Anyone you think will feel creative and unlocked artistically.
Take the opportunity to showcase your work and its most special aspect through this opportunity.

You send me the result of your creation based on the challenge, as you wish, either in a photo or a video.
Every month through a draw, one lucky person will win! There will be no judges and no critics, because every single creation is unique!

All material will be presented without exceptions!

Once a month one lucky person, who will be chosen by lottery, will win a surprise gift!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get in touch with your more artistic side, to laugh and interact.
Feel the imagination flooding you through this new challenge.

Do it! Do it your way!

We start April 1 at 9:00 am the first challenge of this month.

Don’t forget one lucky winner 🎁

All this news on Hairdressing News.

Don’t miss it !!!
Μαρία Δρετάκη
Μαρία Δρετάκη
Salon manager Ανανέωση - Hair master education - Creative director Haute Coiffure Fransaise Hellas - Artist L’Oréal professionnel


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