Saturday, April 20, 2024

Cyclic Glam Collection by Design Art Academy!

New beginning, new day, new collection!
The first collection of the Artistic Team of Design Art Academy is a fact.
Called the Cyclic Glam Collection, we start with the cycle as a key element.

Meet our new collection!

Inspired by the harmonious rhythm of nature and the eternity of elegance, we created the “Cyclic Glam Collection”.
This collection is a series of hairstyle creations that reflect change, but also renewal,
like the cycles of nature.

Each design in the collection therefore represents a different cycle of life and elegance,
from youthful freshness to mature radiance.

It contains training in 3 different modules, Cut & Styling, Balayage and hairstyling.

The training will be conducted by the Design Art Academy team, with continuous coaching throughout,
in order to achieve 100% assimilation and understanding of the techniques and the logic behind them.

It concerns professionals, beginners and experienced, salon owners and freelancers,
who are looking for something extra for their work.
A renewal in techniques, a fresh look at things, that something different that will modernize them and reintroduce them to their clients.

“Cyclic Glam Collection by Maria Dretaki”

Elegance and renewal, like the endless cycles of fashion and beauty.

I suggest you watch my new video on YouTube, to find out more about our new collection and
contact us for more details.
Never forget that in our business, evolution never stops.
And that through the right, but also targeted training, you can become a top professional!

If you have any questions, you can find me on social media, Facebook & Instagram.

I kiss you,
Maria Dretaki

Μαρία Δρετάκη
Μαρία Δρετάκη
Salon manager Ανανέωση - Hair master education - Creative director Haute Coiffure Fransaise Hellas - Artist L’Oréal professionnel


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