Sunday, December 3, 2023

Coronavirus and Hairdressers …

You will remember that day when you were working and you were told that you won’t open tomorrow because the Coronavirus came to Greece, right?

Right! I’m sure!

I was at the salon too, without a mask (yet 🙂 ) and someone says they heard on the news that we’re not opening the next one…

What a mess!

We would go out of the shops and ask each other:
“What’s going to happen?”
“Are you coming tomorrow?”
“What does he mean by quarantine? Tomorrow we have an appointment, T Coronavian!”

A mess!

News, fuss, postponement of appointments (who knows for ever?!).

And finally? Closed!

Closed for a long time!
You stayed home!

You cooked, you stressed, you watched movies, you stayed with your kids, you made bagels, buns…

Sit! Will I ever work?!
What’s going on? Open for a while, appointments, waits, masks, distances, measures… Coronavirus!

And finally…

Here we are!

Two years later, I don’t know what you look like! Two years later, the Coronavirus exists differently.

They don’t put you in quarantine, you just walk in on your own?
To protect the others!


But how are you going to pay?
I agree!

You do what your conscience says, very rightly, and you stay at home.

So the freelancer, you and I, we are sick now and we stay at home while we pay again.
Will the PPC be conscientious?
Will the NFCA have it?

He’ll have what?

I’m not trying to kick.
That is not my purpose.

In fact I always like to look on the bright side of things!

But, I wonder!

I wonder what will happen next… How much “foot-dragging” in my trial of individual responsibility and conscientiousness for a non-existent state system!

Yours sincerely,

Synioraki Mina – Krusma.


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