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5 tips to keep your hair from getting greasy!!!!

How not to oil your hair quickly!

Initially, greasiness in the hair is a normal process, in which the scalp produces sebum, which is removed by the washing process.
When, of course, there is more sebum production than normal, then we are talking about oily hair.

But why does your hair get greasy?

Hormonal reasons.
Unbalanced diet.
Lifestyle and even stress are just some of the causes of greasiness in your hair.
Therefore, it’s not your fault that your hair is oily, but there are tips that will make your daily routine easier and maybe you can avoid frequent shampooing.

Tip #1.

Stop messing with your hair with your hands!

You may have that… familiar habit of twisting strands of hair with your finger.
You may feel like your fringe is “flying” and you’re stepping on it with your hand all the time.
Also, you may like your new frame haircut and keep catching your ends looking thicker and healthier now.
Whatever it is that motivates you to constantly touch your hair, cut it! 😂

5 tips to keep your hair from getting greasy 2
Don’t touch your hair! They are on the take!!!!

Tip #2.

Rinse your hair with cold water!
The cold water opens the pores of the scalp and stimulates blood circulation, resulting in the non-accumulation of sebum.

Tip #3.

Use a shampoo specifically for oily hair.
They act against greasiness and delay the appearance of sebum. They even cleanse the scalp in depth, offering an immediate sense of freshness.

Tip #4.

A dry shampoo should always be in your bag and used in between the day to absorb the oil from your roots before it goes down to the ends.

5 tips to keep your hair from getting greasy 3
A dry shampoo always in your bag

Tip #5.

After all, everything is due to nutrition, even the health and appearance of hair.
Choose foods rich in vitamin A, C and B12 that help strengthen and improve the appearance of hair.
Avoid fatty and fried foods.

If you follow the above tips you are sure to see an improvement!
Your hair will not be as greasy as before and will feel cleaner and lighter!

Yours sincerely,
Ioanna Tziga
The HairXpert by Ioanna & Sissy


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