Thursday, June 13, 2024

The wonders of chemistry in your hair

Products that make your hairdresser’s job easier and your hair healthier!

From black, blonde. From blond, red. From red, brown. Chestnuts, with red highlights underneath! How many times have you thought about a change for your hair, told the hair expert you trust, and had their hair stand up?
However, he tries with whatever means he has and does not have, to please you, if it is something that can be done and of course it will fit your style!!!!

Today I will list just a few of the “miracles of chemistry”, of the last few years, that make our lives easier and your hair shinier and healthier!

1.*Plex & bond products

They are usually 2 phase treatments, where they help to “rebuild” the hair bonds, which break during chemical work (and not only)! Also, they give durability of color because they “lock” the pigments in the hair.

They add elasticity and shine to the hair!

Their use is only done by professionals in dye or decapage, even as a strong 2-step treatment!

Now there is also phase 3 and 4, from almost all companies, for home maintenance!

2.*Color eraser & remover

Great products that often save us the trouble of colour changes, in order to avoid the decapage process (which we love), where possible. They have the ability to break down the artificial pigments from the hair and leave a clean background to place the desired color!


The favorite! A stunning product that can give up to 9 tones to natural hair and up to 4 tones to colored hair. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE IT ALONE AT HOME!!!!! The least you can do is walk around like a canary (at best), until you end up with burns on your head and hair on your arm!!!(See previous article here

4.*Peeling hair

Yes. You heard right!!Now our favorite exfoliation is not only for face and body but also for hair!! Its role is to! removes pollutants of the environment that have adhered to the hair, to removes the silicone (as much as you don’t see it hidden everywhere, even in supermarket shampoo) and clears the hair from unnecessary pigments accumulated from recurring dyes.

The result will impress you!! Hair light and shiny, like you have never seen before!

*The above products are ONLY for professional use!


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