Sunday, December 3, 2023

The short one has another grace

Summer is here and you’re thinking about making a big change to your haircut.

The truth is that a short pixie haircut, a well-formed haircut

How to choose a pixie haircut?

Clearly, the most important thing to pay attention to is the shape of your face!
You can also identify with an image from a brand name, such as Hally Berry.

So, a walk on Pinterest is simple to
see various pixie,
that will untangle you and give you the confidence to make it short.

The role of the hairdresser

First of all, let’s not forget that the main culprit in having the ultimate haircut on your head is the
is none other than your hairdresser.
You have to trust him and give to him,
freedom in what to do, so you can have the style you want.

I say this because many times, in hairdressing salons we meet
an issue that is an inhibiting factor in the *PRIVATE*.

When you and your hairdresser choose the right haircut for you,
close your eyes and enjoy the process.

So don’t start giving instructions like
*don’t cut my fringe like that, did we take too much, etc.

You will therefore only succeed in creating irritation,
and nothing else.

One thing is for sure no hairdresser wants you to leave their hands and,
you have doubts whether the change you made suits you!!!!

Leave me your comment if you want some help!!!

Yours sincerely,
Bakogiannis Konstantinos


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