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The keratin treatment that removes frizz and nourishes the hair ends!

KYANA keratin treatment comes to change all the facts about your hair.

Your hair is your crown and you are looking for ways to get straight and healthy hair. So what is the secret to having the hair you dream about and see in magazines for so long?

Of course, the answer is KYANA keratin, which promises spectacular results from the very beginning.
Admit it! Well-combed hair is the prerogative of a few women and you will be one of them.

Say goodbye to frizz and dry edges with KYANA keratin!

Without any feeling of frizz in your hair and having soft ends, you will always look like you just visited the salon a few hours ago. Don’t forget that dyes are very damaging to your hair.

So, we guess you have tried several treatments from time to time, especially keratin treatments.
But this one is here to save you from any kind of hassle!

keratin treatment Product range

KYANA keratin changes the behavior of the hair.

More specifically, the treatment utilizes the most innovative proposals in the field of cosmetic technology. In what way? Of course, with the help of the protective properties of the elements of nature.
This keratin treatment guarantees amazing results and absolute protection of the hair.

What are the results you should expect from the very first application of the treatment?

If you decide to try keratin, then you will surely love it as it offers soft hair and helps to increase hair elasticity. It also gives natural movement to the hair, keeping it from frizzing.

keratin mask treatment

KYANA’s Total Lisse keratin treatment offers:

  • Excellent performance for straight, soft and shiny hair with total frizz control for up to 4 months
  • It is the ideal solution for every type of hair even for colored or discolored hair.
  • Safety in use since it follows the strictest international cosmetology standards.In addition, KYANA has a complete range of products for before and after the application of keratin, in order to achieve maximum performance and its duration in time. What are these products?
    First, select shampoo , shampoo for the maintenance of the , botox masks, reconstruction masks and hermo-protective cream. Also, experienced experts will inform you properly, while technicians will show you how to use them.
  • Really, what woman doesn’t want to save time and do it herself styling her own hair?
    One drying is enough and you will be the beauty queen!
    The hairdressing salons you can contact for KYANA keratin are located all over Greece and abroad.
    Click here here .
    The world of aesthetics belongs to you.

Besides, one test is enough to convince you. The results will speak for themselves…

Angela Evripidou – Dimitris Kaklias

You can see more about it at www.dimitriskaklias.gr on facebook or Instagram


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