Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Static electricity in winter.

Static electricity and incredible nervousness.

static electricity in the hair

Ah winter…
It is that magical time of year when breath turns into a misty cloud floating in the grey sky.
The season when the frost closes the eye to the sweet summer. It’s the time of year when all I have to do to my hair is wear a giant beanie out the door.
Everything’s great until I take off the hat…
A tiny static electricity lifts my hairs upwards and they dance gently towards the ceiling, making my nerves tingle…
Static love…

This is partly because the outside air has less humidity during the winter than during the warmer months.
And on the other hand, the moisture that prevents the accumulation of electrical charges is what causes static electricity.

static electricity with the caps

When the hair is sensitive to static electricity.

Let me give you some tips that you might find useful.
You can spray a small amount directly into your hair, or into your hand immediately after you take off the cap especially where it flies.

Anti-frizz product or hair wax.
Rub a small amount of wax on your palms and gently touch the hairs that tend to be upright.
Change the fabric of your cap.
Fliess and acrylics are the sin of static electricity.
In particular, all-wool and cotton are the ones with the least electricity.

When you wash your hair the last rinse should be with as lukewarm water as possible,
as well as the hot air from the dryer does not help at all…

The professional’s nightmare in hairstyling is when the hair gets electric in winter.
Don’t forget not to comb your hair more than necessary, and to use brushes made from hog hair or nylon that are anti-static.

frizzy hair

Frizzy hair…

Extreme weather conditions such as humidity and misuse of artificial heat makes hair frizz, dullness and breakage.

But how do you beat frizz?

The secret is to control the moisture of our hair naturally as much as possible.
Regular and deep heated moisturizations every 7 to 10 days, as well as daily use of anti-frizz products.

Follow these little tips and I believe that you will quickly manage to reduce the frizz and at the same time static electricity will be a thing of the past.

Thank you…

Elizabeth Makri

Ελισάβετ Μακρή
Ελισάβετ Μακρή
Ονομάζομαι Ελισάβετ Μάκρη και είμαι μητέρα δυο παιδιών 14 και 5 χρόνων είμαι στο χώρο της κομμωτικής τέχνης 23 χρόνια και τα τελευταία 16 χρόνια ως επιχειρηματίας 4 πλέον καταστημάτων, ενός οικογενειακού κομμωτηρίου , ένα Μπαρμπερ κουρείο remalia barbershop και το πρώτου κέντρο αντιμετώπισης ψείρας στην Ελλάδα στον Άλιμο και στα Ιωάννινα. Η αγάπη μου για την Κομμωτική τέχνη με έκανε να εξελίσσομαι συνέχεια και να μη σταματώ να μαθαίνω.


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