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Say goodbye to dandruff with A.S.P. Kitoko Purify & Control products

The revolutionary Kitoko product range Purify & Control “The Terminators” by Affinage Salon Professional,
gives the ultimate solution to the problem of dandruff, for healthy and shiny hair!

The Causes of Dandruff

The top layer of the skin is known as the epidermis and like all cells in the body it is constantly renewed.
The flat skin cells are pushed upwards and eventually die, and are shed.
The same thing happens to the scalp.
However, sometimes, there are excessive amounts of microorganisms on the scalp,
that disrupt the normal process and balance.
This natural function of cell shedding is accelerated by concentrating the cells on the surface
in groups and not by eliminating them separately.
These groups of cells create dandruff, which is also known as seborrhea.

Further reasons for dandruff are:

  • Poor diet and sensitivity to yeast (a fungus that lives on the skin), lack of zinc and vitamin B
  • Low humidity conditions, winter months and central heating
  • Incorrect use of products
  • Insufficient brushing
  • Stress and additionally, various diseases

Causes for excessive accumulation of product residues

We constantly “bombard” our hair with lotions and filters, seeking the flawless appearance.
In some cases and if we do not use the right products or do not remove them sufficiently from the hair,
these products accumulate creating a film on the surface of the hair and the scalp.
Styling products are therefore the most common “suspects”.

Symptoms of dandruff

  • In severe cases, when dandruff persists, medical advice is recommended
  • The flakes (scales) of the scalp may look oily or dry
  • The scalp is prone to itching
  • The scalp may appear stretched, red and spotted
  • The scalp may have irritation and sores
  • The white flakes on black clothes are an indication

The symptoms of excessive accumulation

  • Hair can be dull, but also limp
  • Itching on the scalp
  • The styling of the hair becomes more difficult
  • Flakes may fall out of the hair when brushing

Kitoko Purify & Control – “The Terminators”

The family, Kitoko Purify & Control, blends natural extracts of African plants
with the unique Electron Acceptor™ technology.
Dandruff Control products are designed to reduce the irritation of the dandruff (Dandruff Control)
skin and inflammation, as well as prevent further irritation of the scalp,
as both have antibacterial and antifungal activity.

The products of the Kitoko Purify & Control series:

DandruffControl Cleanser

  • Particularly gentle composition without sulphate
  • Contains African Pepper, Green Tea, Red Tulip, Red Tulip, Shea Butter, Clobazole, Decylene Glycol, Vitamins A & A E, Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) and Clay to remove impurities, reduce bacteria, and soothe the scalp
  • Relieves the scalp from dandruff and irritations and leaves hair soft and additionally with discipline
  • Special composition for colour retention
  • pH 4.0-5.0

    Available in packages: 250ml & 1000ml
Purify & Control 2

Dandruff Control Balm

  • Conditioner for frequent use
  • Enriched with African Pepper, Green Tea, Red Tulip, Tamarind, Phospholipids, Shea Butter, Clobazole, Vitamins A & B E and Natural Moisturizing Agent to eliminate bacteria and also relieve irritation
  • Relieves the scalp from dandruff and irritation, detangles hair and gives them shine and discipline
  • Composition for the preservation of colour
  • pH 3.5-4.5

    Available in packages: 250ml & 1000ml
Purify & Control 1

Dandruff Control Scalp Lotion

  • Particularly gentle lotion, without rinsing, relieves itching, provides exfoliation and fights dandruff
  • Contains African Pepper – antibacterial
  • Hydrating and restructuring properties
  • Allantoin – healing and soothing properties
  • Panthenol – Vitamin B – for hydration and strengthening
  • Attack on free radicals – it is an antioxidant
  • pH 4.5-5.5

    Available in packaging: 75ml

Electron Acceptor Technology™ (Electron Acceptor Technology)

Hair is an amazing material being by nature very durable and of course very strong.
The basal layer of the hair, the cortex, is fibrous and rope-like, consisting mainly of a protein, keratin.
This layer is responsible for the amazing properties of the hair.
During the early stages of hair growth, the cortex is formed in chains of keratin
protofibrils, which are attached to each other,
by bonds between the atoms of different horn chains.
In a normal state each bond has two electrons in pairing.
If they remain a pair, the hair retains its stable strong nature.
Over time, however, external influences such as pollution, chemicals, climate and harmful
UV rays attack the hair, causing the bonds to break (i.e. the electrons are separated).
This damage is caused by free radicals and is also known as “free-radical damage”.
The free electrons, which are attracted to each other, start looking for another electron to attach to,
so they could be a couple again.
Unfortunately, this chase often leads to a chain reaction with further breakdown of the bonds.
This reaction leaves the body and our hair vulnerable to damage, aging and deterioration.

Electron Acceptor Technology™ (Electron Acceptor Technology) is the ultimate answer.
This unique blend of antioxidants specifically targets free radicals, accepting or binding the “uncoupled” electron, stopping the chain reaction and further bond breaking.
This unique A.S.P™ technology prevents damage to the hair structure and protects it,
helping to maintain the health and natural beauty of the hair.

But what is the philosophy of A.S.P.?

The meaning of the name Kitoko is “beautiful -e -o” with roots in the Lingala language of Central Africa.
This is the basis of A.S.P .’s philosophy for the entire Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy range, specialized care for everyone, giving unparalleled results, beautiful hair that radiates health and vitality, ensuring the ultimate sense of well-being.


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