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Painted Bronze Hair

Ginger Hair

Many of you are wondering what is the most challenging color for us colorists.
And I’ll answer that all paints require expertise, but copper paints require a little bit, so a little bit more!

For therecord…

Only 2% of our population belongs to people who have a combination of red hair with white skin and freckles! Very often, we find such people with genetic roots from Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia and central Asia.

For Fashion

Ginger hair is the ultimate trend of the last seasons. Copper red hair is elegant and beautiful on light complexions. In makeup it is combined with nude earthy tones in shadows and blush.
For lipstick, peach shades are a good choice and for a more daring look, the most intense red.

The colour trend spectrum starts from the chestnut tone height. It reaches up to very light blonde and the shades vary. Shades such as red, bronze, bright or a little more pale but also in gold.
You could apply it in babylights, highlights, contouring and balayage.

Valuable tips to preserve colour:

The strong pigments contained in a copper red dye are quite sensitive and as a result the colour fades quickly.

What should you look out for to have an irresistible ginger for a long time?

First of all, let’s assume you have natural hair and you want to achieve the perfect bronze.
In this case, I highly recommend you to visit and trust your salon.
Because only the color expert knows how to achieve the color you want in absolute uniformity.

The application of dye should always be combined with a treatment.
This way, the hair is properly prepared to accept the color and you can have an intense color effect with a long lasting effect.
The products you should use are shampoo, conditioner and a mask with a special formula for sensitive colors.

Extra mini tip for your bronze hair!

It is often recommended that the last rinse in shampooing is done with cold water.
This closes the scales of the hair and reduces colour loss.

Attention to the temperature!

Avoid using heating tools frequently, and when you do use them, don’t forget the heat protection cream. It is known that the temperature from the press and the dryer, alter the color. The heat protection cream creates a protective film on the hair. However, the temperature in your tools should not rise above 185 degrees.

The maintenance

Maintenance between the two dyes would be helped immensely by a visit to the salon for a Gloss. That is, a Refle with acidic technology and low oxidizing emulsion. This way, you can keep your copper colour even and vibrant for even longer!

A good solution in between washes, is the use of the paint mask.
That is, the combination of mask and pigments to refresh the copper colour of your hair.

For the months with intense sunlight, use a hair sunscreen.
It will help to prevent your hair from dehydrating from the sun and the sea and create a protective veil.
I hope I helped you!

Yours sincerely,
Sissy Visvardi

The hairxpert by Ioanna & Sissy


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