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New Première range from Kérastase

Our new Première range perfectly reflects what has always been the philosophy of the brand
harnessing and of course channeling your power.
For Kérastase, hair is a gateway to a world of absolute power.
The message “Recover your inner strength” goes beyond the look and feel of hair,
unlocking countless possibilities to be strong in our professional and personal lives.

Soon, you will discover the amazing scientific achievements that led to the development of the Première·
a range that restores the strength of the hair, always with the unparalleled,
luxury care for which Kérastaseis well known.

Première was originally born after an unprecedented scientific discovery that showed that the calcium in water
intensifies the effects of damage to the hair.
This finding was the trigger to create a range that first removes calcium salts and
then repairs the hair by restoring the keratin bonds.
With Première, we repair hair even deeper, more effectively and over a longer period of time.
With the launch of Première, our motto You Dare, We Care is more true than ever.
Our wonderful ambassadors, Emily Ratajkowski and Ebonee Davis, continue to embody this motto every day, inspiring us to express ourselves freely and unabashedly today and forever. Rosa Carriço, President of Kérastase

Calcium is not your hair’s friend

Instead, it intensifies the wear and tear with every shampoo!
Water is good for us. But it’s not so good for our hair.
There are high amounts of calcium in the water we use for showering and bathing.
Calcium is like kryptonite for our hair :
By accumulating over a long period of time, it can lead to persistent wear and tear.

Calcium build-up leads to breakage

Calcium stays on the surface of the hair, between the scales of the cuticle,
making the hair wild in texture, but also dull.
So it’s like a glass with white marks from the salts in the water, that’s kind of what happens to hair,
so you can see why this is far from desirable.

Calcium can penetrate deep into the hair so over time, it makes the hair inelastic,
stiff and brittle, especially if the hair is subjected to technical operations in the meantime.
This is exactly the persistent wear and tear we mentioned earlier, the wear and tear that does not go away, even after some time has passed.

Salt removal : How is it done?

We hear repeatedly, from so many women, that they have not been able to get rid of the wear and tear,
whatever they’ve tried.
The problem is therefore in the calcium salts that are present in the water and weaken the hair.
After 12 patents and more than 600 tests, we found the right combination of Citric Acid
(for removal of calcium salts) and Glycine (for repair of wear) and incorporated it
in the compositions of the Premièreseries.
Citric acid, at a concentration of 3%, and thanks to the three arms of its molecular structure, binds and removes calcium.
Glycine, at a concentration of 5%, is small enough to penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair and
restore its strength.
Et voilà! The hair returns to its original state.

Advanced Innovation

AtKérastase, based on advanced research, we develop innovative solutions for the main hair needs.
In the case of Première, we used the highest concentration of pure acids than in any
our other range of products to date, aiming to combat the problem of calcium accumulation and
help the hair to return to its original state.

High Performance Compositions

Première owes its innovative performance to the synergistic action of Citric Acid which removes
calcium, but also Glycine which ensures remediation with a combined concentration of 8%,
as well as Peptides that smooth the surface of the hair.

An aura of power

ThePremière fragrance was created by French perfumers Alexandra Carlin and Catherine Poensin Stefani.
As with all Kérastase ranges, the Première fragrance is instantly recognisable and undeniably
will become a classic fragrance.

This creation reveals notes of Citrus and Mandarin, which are surrounded by a symphony of
Orange blossom, but also Jasmine.
A very summery fragrance, which acquires depth through the warm, woody aspects.


The Protagonist!

First, it removes calcium salts and reduces stubborn wear and tear.
It penetrates deep into the hair removing accumulated calcium.
Finally, it restores broken keratin bonds.

Apply to wet hair, before shampooing, enough on the lengths and massage.
Let it sit for 5 minutes, then immediately apply Première Bain, and rinse.
Continue with the Fondant or Masque.


Restorative shampoo to remove salts.

Sulfate-free composition that gently cleanses the scalp & hair, removing accumulated salts.
It works against breakage, but also against dullness.
It penetrates deep into the hair removing accumulated calcium.
Restores broken keratin bonds.

Apply Première Concentré to damp hair and after 5 minutes, without rinsing, apply Bain directly.
Then massage, emulsify, and rinse thoroughly.
Finally, continue with the Fondant or Masque.


Restorative conditioner removing salts action against inelasticity.

It immediately replenishes the hair’s moisture and also restores the natural movement of the hair, with a light effect.
It acts against inflexibility, strengthening the hair, but also enhancing its resistance to damage.

Apply to washed, dried hair, on the lengths and ends.
Massage, leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse.


Restorative reconstruction mask- Action against breakage

“Fills” the gaps on the hair surface and also penetrates the hair, repairing it from the inside out.
It helps hair to regain its healthy look and feel after service in the salon.

Application on washed, wiped hair, on the lengths and on the ends.
Massage, leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse.


Restorative grinding serum, for frizz control.

Light serum that does not need rinsing.
It offers deep nourishment, repels moisture and also controls frizz.
It “fills” the gaps in the hair surface, leaving the hair smoother and softer.
Protects hair from heat up to 230℃.

Application on wiped hair.
Let them dry naturally or blow-dry them. No need to rinse.


Intensive repair oil, but also shine.

With conditioning agents that act against dullness.
Prevents the creation of split ends.

Apply 1 to 2 droplets to damp or dry hair.
Let them dry naturally or blow-dry them. It doesn’t need rinsing.


Liquid reconstruction concentrate.

It effectively removes salts and neutralizes accumulated calcium.
It leaves hair more elastic and softer, smoothing, but also shielding the hair surface.
Reverses the persistent inflexibility and dullness.

First, apply to washed and dried hair.
Massage the lengths and ends & apply Première Masque on top, leaving it on for 10 minutes.
Finally, rinse well.


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