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Medicinal food for lice… Are they effective?

Doctor’s office in the 21st century?

And yet there are still parents who use grandma’s medicine chest,
when they are in the unpleasant situation of having their children have lice.

“Your mother has it”, grandmothers used to say, with the well-known proverb when their grandchildren were always catching lice
and rolled up their sleeves to take on the job of licking in any way they each knew how.
But lice do not discriminate, as we said in an earlier article, they go everywhere, in clean, in dirty,
on moms, grandmothers, on dyed, short or long hair, all heads for lice are hosts.
Phthisis is highly contagious and dealing with it is a headache for parents.
When it is presented to children it is highly unlikely that the caregiver will not catch it.

In this article we will analyze some remedies that moms use and usually to no avail.

Doctor’s office Petroleum business.

The most widespread by far. All it takes is a spark to make a storm in there.
But, dear mommies, oil these days?
The price of the infamous…
You’re torturing your kid with formulations that can only do so much,
is to damage your child’s scalp and nothing else, lice will party.
Be very careful, because not only will you not make it, but the child may have an allergic reaction and you may run and not get there.

Yatrosofi operation MAJONESA.

I put mayonnaise in a second category because apart from being quite common, it also makes me laugh.
You’re not cooking, mother, you’re going to kill lice….
Mayonnaise is said to suffocate the lice and that is why it is used to treat them.
I can give you some advice if you really want to try it, if it works.
Make it at least on your own, with pure ingredients easily and quickly, such as egg, olive oil and lemon,
Leave it on the hair for a hair mask and what you will achieve is a natural hydration of the hair.
The result will be hair that is fully hydrated, shiny and healthy.
Don’t forget to bathe them at least three times, because the smell of the egg may drive people away.
It certainly will not get rid of lice.

Doctor’s office VICKS.

My dear mothers, we use this preparation with great care,
because it is quite allergenic and strong in smell, where it can cause many adverse reactions in children.
We only use it when there is a severe cold and always under the guidance of the doctor and not for the children’s head,
because it is very caustic and may cause irritation to children.

Yatrosofi Bazelini.

Here we laugh again.
Don’t ever try it, listen to me and you won’t lose.
But if you’ve lived the play,
please tell us how you remove the petroleum jelly from the child’s head and in how long…
Even with svelto to wash it every day the vaseline will definitely be there,
on your child’s beautiful hair, along with the nits and lice to remind you of the stupid thing you did.
Ultimately its use is for other reasons and not for your child’s head.

Yatrosofi WINE.

In case your child has scratches from scratching, the alcohol will make them suffer.
The pain and stinging is great and the child feels worse.
The alcohol evaporates very quickly, so your movements have to be very fast to be effective.

Doctor’s office XYDI/LAND.

My dear mothers, vinegar helps more in the prevention of phlegm,
but there are preparations on the market that smell nice and prevent lice.
Olive oil or any kind of oil is also ineffective for treating lice.
All it can do is make more oily hair.
Better save it for your salad.

Our grandmothers looked for every way and means to rid their children of lice,
because there were neither medicines nor centres specifically for the treatment of lice.
That’s how they had discovered the remedies I mentioned and more.
They wasted infinite time in the sunlight and infinite patience, until the last louse and louse conidia came out,
hearing that disgusting “fart” from every head.
That was back in the day, if you’ve tried everything from drugstore formulations and haven’t succeeded so far,
the definitive and painless solution is only with specialists, in two hours you have said goodbye to lice and nits
without all the remedies I mentioned above.

Yours sincerely,
Elizabeth Makri

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