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Mathematics of color by Professional By Fama

Mathematics of color by Professional By Fama.

On Monday 14 March 2022 Hairdressing News had the pleasure to attend the seminar “Mathematics of color”
by Professional By Fama.
It is a Masterclass for professional hairdressers that takes place at the Art of Colour Academy.
Instructor of the seminar, the artistic director of Art of Colour and
International Technical Educator of Professional by Fama Kiki Stefanaki.

Mathematics of color
From theory to practice.

“Mathematics of color” is a well-structured seminar.
The professional can discover in a few hours a wonderful world of colours from Professional By Fama.
It starts with a basic introduction to the theory of chromatology, followed by a practical introduction.
During the seminar, the participants are asked to solve some tasks set by the lecturer, Mrs Kiki Stefanaki.
Tests are carried out on strands of natural hair, which enables professionals to have a clear and unambiguous picture of the result.
The interesting thing in this case is that the results are fully analysed whether they are successful or not.
This way, the professional gets an even clearer picture of the secrets of neutralization or enhancement with Professional By Fama paints.

Creativity goes beyond any limit.

Kiki Stefanaki is very popular among all professionals.
He solves every question, willingly and analytically throughout the “Mathematics of color” seminar.
It gives participants the opportunity to hone their imagination through the colours of Professional By Fama.
He does this with great success, especially in the last and most creative task of the seminar.
It encourages everyone to create their own unique colour, name it and present it.
It’s really at this point that the brushes really catch fire!
The “students” up to that moment are transformed into artists and creativity goes beyond all limits.

Hairdressing News on “Mathematics of color”.

Hairdressing News accepted with great pleasure the invitation from Mr. Athanasios Rapti and Mrs. Kiki Stefanaki.
So we were at the Art of Colour Academy, we met them and talked to them.
In the following videos you can get a glimpse of the “Mathematics of color” seminar.
As well as find out what’s new for professionals who are hungry for training.

We would like to thank Mr. Rapti and Mrs. Stefanaki!

Here you can follow Professional By Fama and Art of Colour on social media.

Statements by Mr. Rapti on the Mathematics of color seminar
Statements by Mrs. Stefanaki on the Mathematics of color seminar


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