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I want to be a blonde NOW!

Do you want to be a blonde?

Yeah, but do you want to be a blonde right now, or at least today?


Let’s go and see together because what you are asking for is not possible in some cases.

Do you have a natural base above the 6 o’clock mark?
Do you dye your hair above a 6 tone?
Is your hair too short (boyish), even if it’s dyed?
If you answered yes to all 3 questions above then this text is not for you!
All others please read below…

You’re falling in love with the blonde!

You’re browsing the internet and come across gorgeous photos of dazzling blondes!
And you’re falling in love!
Suddenly you remember your favorite salon!
And you call or text!
And the professional gets the stroke!
Tweet tweet tweet tweet….(he probably hung up on you but you didn’t hear it from me and especially don’t take it to heart!)

Becoming a blonde requires a lot of discussion and “training” on your part to come up with a change plan.
You need to fully understand according to the color you have and the color you want to achieve:

1) How difficult or easy is such a transition.
2) How many times should you visit the salon.
3) How much will such a change cost you, always keeping in mind the quality.
4) How much will it cost you to maintain this effect.
5) What you have to take care of from your home anymore. So that with responsibility and love there is an excellent cooperation with the professional hairdresser. The aim is to maintain and of course improve the quality of the hair.
6) And last but not least you should know that… Blonde is the most expensive, the most demanding and the most difficult colour!

If you are determined and have really chosen to become a blonde! Then all you have to do is listen to the professional and discuss with them how you can make it work!

So you need to know and I’ll tell you as simply as possible so you can understand how:

1) The darker the shade painted the harder it is to open up to blonde. They open BUT not where you want them to! You should make a decision that there is a possibility that you will stick to some intermediate shades and on subsequent visits continue to open up.

2) Hair, although it doesn’t hurt when we cut it, has many, many nerves and reacts badly to the wrong use of products. As a result of the many nerves burning! So when they burn, they do NOT return to their previous calm state unfortunately and the only thing that saves them is the mowing.

3) The only way for hair to open up in very simple terms is the following:
Black – Red – Red – Orange – Yellow – Very light yellow.
So, when you have dyed your hair with number 3 which belongs to the black category, look at the runner above and think about how many shades you have to skip to get to the blonde. Consider that among what I have described to you there are all the nuances in between.
4) So when you make a first attempt to become blonde depending on the color of your hair at that moment you will get the corresponding result according to how the professional hairdresser will manage it.
5) When you successfully get from 3 to 8 (a great success, believe me!) you have to know that you have reached the yellow!
Don’t cringe at the word yellow, because if they are NOT yellow they are NOT anything else!
The only way to avoid the yellow is to be a Swedish woman who knows Greek and reads the article or a Danish woman who doesn’t know Greek and has it translated for her!
Are you one of the two?
I thought so!

The yellow one!

So let’s dispel the myth around yellow.
Love it as soon as you see it because you got the best. Especially, if you have a jimani hairdresser who plays the colouring on the fingers of one hand then hug and cry with joy!
So what the professional hairdresser is trying to do is to create a beautiful, without patches and problems, a clean canvas above the height of 7 where the oranges are hiding.
Once you have achieved this as a first step, put the brakes on!
Put the brakes on and create a beautiful dirty blonde.
Enjoy it and continue to invest in the health of your hair now to calm, moisturize and rebuild it until the next time which will depend on how good a girl you were from home.

And since you’ve read so much information today Read these very simple but very important instructions on what you need to do from home now to help and cooperate perfectly with your professional hairdresser:

1) Bathe in the products he recommended. Don’t skimp on good professional products because it’s like buying a Ferrari with leather upholstery.
2) Say goodbye to your cheap press. Get a steam pod if you need it and after you’ve completely dried your hair then run it through on the lowest temperature.
3) Don’t overdo it with silver shampoos. It is not holy !!!! It’s more dirty than clean.
4) Comb your hair in peace.
5) Never without conditioner.
6) Always caught on the scooter. Don’t give me that casual shit!

For more care you can also refer to these articles of mine that I think will help you a lot:

I leave you with this wealth of information and hope to find you well read next time!

Calliope Veniou


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