Friday, December 8, 2023

How to lengthen my hair?

How to lengthen my hair? Good question!

You ask me every day what to do to get your hair longer in a short period of time.
But the key question is one:
What are you willing to do to have healthy and long hair?

So first let’s analyze what you are willing to do to lengthen your hair and then let’s look at some tips on how to achieve it.

What do you have to do?

1) Love your natural hair and don’t pamper it daily with straightening tools.
I have told you many times and I will tell you one more time: The press in moderation.
If you want something better than the classic press, get a steam pod.
Your natural hair is a gift from God. You don’t like your hair for the x-z reason?
Then the solution is one: Keratin to keep your hair straight for at least 4 months.
This saves the poor things from too much heat damage.
Read about the press here:

2) Decide and choose a colour that you can easily change your hair.
Especially with the fluctuations in your psychology! Don’t suddenly dye your hair black after a psychological pressure and the next day you regret it and start “opening” – “closing”.

3) Choose professional hair products and follow your hairdresser’s advice to the letter.
If your hairdresser is not guiding or advising you properly then change hairdresser!

And now let’s go to the tips that help you to lengthen your hair:

1) Haircut! The first and most important thing is to get used to getting a haircut every 3 months without fail.
Read all the details about the haircut here:

2) Proper nutrition always has a positive impact on your skin and hair. Cliché I know, but that’s how it is. How do you want to have shiny hair while not getting the necessary vitamins?

3) Water! Water! Water!
Do you know what I mean, or shall I say it one more time? WATER!!!! How can the factory work if it has no working machinery? Your body is your factory! Take care of it before it “closes” !!!

4) Melting the important! You may go through it in a flash but it’s the alpha and omega for beautiful, shiny hair! But the useful tip here is not only good professional products but massage throughout the wash.
Read here about shampooing:

5) Whatever you do, do it with love! as long as you treat your hair with love and calmness, you will have long and healthy hair! Brushing with hatred? Never again!!!!

It all starts with accepting the problem and of course listening to your hairdresser’s advice.
Don’t be sneaky, don’t think that the cheaper the better… We are talking about YOUR hair!

Your hair is your crown! It needs polishing, care and attention!

Calliope Veniou


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