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HCF Hellas at the Fashion TV World’s Excellence Gala – Greece Like A Diamond

Fashion TV World’s Excellence Gala – Greece Like A Diamond for the 26th “television” birthday
of Fashion TV, the fashion television network, at the Grand Hyatt Athens.
Η Haute Coiffure Francaise Hellas (HCF Hellas) undertook the hairstyling of the models,
of all the designers who with their creations gave the evening, the aroma of luxury that they deserved!
It is a fashion show of international recognition, which will be shown in 196 countries.

Fashion TV Greece, the most important international fashion and lifestyle channel in Greece,
and the organizers of the glamorous gala Dimitris Melissanidis and Evangelos Poulios welcomed early
their guests from the world of Greek and international fashion, business and politics,
but also businessmen from Europe, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.


Fashion TV World’s Excellence Gala – Greece Like A Diamond . Η Haute Coiffure Francaise Ελλάδος (HCF Hellas) ανέλαβε την επιμέλεια χτενισμάτων των μοντέλων, όλων των σχεδιαστών που με τις δημιουργίες τους έδωσαν στην βραδιά, το άρωμα πολυτέλειας που τις αναλογούσε! #hair #hcfhellas #lorealprogr #fashion #show #tv #valtadoros #bsb fashiontvgr fashionshow #fashion #shows #bsbfashion #catalinbotezatu foryou fypシ fyp haute


The designers

The spectacular gala was presented by Nikos Koklonis together with the international host of Fashion TV Ania J,
while those who were present had the opportunity to attend fashion shows by important Greek and Greek fashion designers.
foreign fashion designers and fashion brands, such as Paris Valtadoros, BSB, Catalin Botezatu & Anton Giulio Grande.

The hairdressing team

Wonderful results on the hair that highlighted the amazing creations of the designers.
His products were used by the Greek HCF team, sponsored by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris,
while the team consisted of :
Aristides Mitros, Georgia Salaouni, Mandi Vavatsikou, Angeliki Ioannidi, Angelina Eleftheraki, Angelos Gavril,
Christos Aliris, Demetris Fostieris, Elena Karagianni, Fanis Mastrokostas, Giorgos Karvounis, Haris Mytilinos,
Ioanna Tziga, Kleanthis Kefalas, Nikos Kefalas, Leonardos Margelos, Maria Manitara, Maria Xomali, Marina Harmalia,
Marina Stefanou, Naya Harda, Olga Veskouki, Stavros Besimoglou, Maria Fourla, Themis Kalatzis, Xristina Koptsali,
Elissavet Delandria, Vicky Passou and Yannis Bastianos.
Street Fashion Styling for BSB, with Elegant Hairstyling for Valtadoro and Elegant Updo for Catalin Botezatu,
were the hairstyles created by the HCF Hellas team.
In addition, from France and Haute Coiffure Francaise was there to take on the avant garde creations
by designer Catalin Botezatu, the hairartist Laurent Tourette .

One of the most special moments of the evening was the next best thing in entertainment,
the hologram of the tenor and friend of Fashion TV Marcel Pavel, but also the award of the actor – guest of honour
at gala, two-time Emmy Award winner and producer of “The genius of Gianni Versace”
Salvatore Vincent De Paul Zannino.

The team of Haute Coiffure Francaise Greece (HCF Hellas) , had the pleasure and honor to also undertake,
the haircut, but also the styling of this acclaimed actor, where at the end he thanked Kleanthis Kefalas
pleased with the result and ready for the spectacular evening!

The impressive finale

The impressive gala left the best impressions until the end, with the highlight being the performance on stage
of the top singer Antonis Remos and the explosive Ivi Adamou.
Finally, it should be noted that the Fashion TV World’s Excellence Gala – Greece Like A Diamond took place
under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organisation.


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