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Grey hair color without chemical work? Q&A

Grey hair about 20 years ago came into fashion and stayed.
But the question of today’s Beauty Blender Q&A is also about avoiding chemical work,
for achieving such a color!
What is the Q&A Beauty Blender though?
Hair Tips perfectly targeted cut and sewn to your measurements,
with questions you ask me in the comments, especially on our YouTube channel @MISELGROUP .
First of all I want to thank you very much for your active participation and the love I receive!
Your comments conceal your concerns and the difficulties you are experiencing in managing or
the care of your hair in order to see it as you dream.
In over 70 videos on our channel I give you a lot of Hair Tips for your hair.
The topics I choose are concerns that people usually bring to me in the salon.
So I collect the questions and create Hair Tips videos in the “Beauty Blender” playlist, or in the #shorts category of the channel.
I always find your questions under the videos and answer them as thoroughly as I can to help.

And I had an idea!

If someone has the same question, the same concern and does not come in to read the comments,
how will he solve his problem?
Undoubtedly the idea of creating a video is the best answer to this question.
Let alone being a great help to me in creating content with Hair tips videos.
So then one hand washes the other and both hands wash the face.
You ask and I answer!
So we have this section that we call Q&A, which stands for Question & Answer. Answer.
I see it as a very nice game that gives me the opportunity to give as much help as I can to anyone who needs it.

Well… To us!

In one of the videos I’ve created about discoloration and bleach I received a question in the comments,
that I have received many times in person.
The question of the fifth Q&A here raises questions and it is the following:
I have a light brown color and would like them a gray – beige without chemical work!

The trend of the season with gray and cool hair colors made many women desire them and several of them acquire them.
Few were those that did not follow the grey trend.
Not a few were those who heard resounding no from the professionals who had taken them on.
Either because of the quality of their hair, or because of the extreme tonal difference that would result in an unsuccessful result or very
simply because it didn’t suit them.
The creation of the grey colour in every case and in every era from then until today requires decolourisation, i.e. bleach.

Unfortunately, for the ladies who are in the mood for grey, there is only one way and that is to discolour.
It requires special mastery in handling on the part of the colorist per case and of course quality products!
Do not forget of course how important is the proper care of gray hair and not only at home, in addition to the hairdresser.
The right care products that will keep your grey hair properly hydrated.
The correct handling of hair and quality styling products that will minimize the damage caused by dehydration
are also your allies.
Anti-yellow products, or as we usually call them silver, can clearly help you to preserve the grey colour
but it’s not all you need.
Stay short because in the next Beauty Blender I will tell you which miracle products I use!

Until then,
Many kisses!


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