Saturday, December 9, 2023

First training weekend at the L’Oreal Academy

And so, as a continuation of the previous article, the training journey for pro artists at the L’Oreal Academy begins.

The first online training invitation came in our mail and all we had to do was to equip ourselves with a positive attitude!

Training weekend at the L’Oreal Academy 21 & 22/02/2022

The first moment we arrived at the Academy was truly magical.

Slowly, we were gathering like birds in the seeds.

Everyone, full of energy, joy, smiles.

Shouts, laughs, photos, stories all went up in flames!

The programme was full until late on both days.

Meeting, information, presentation, training, experience, photography, fun!

Of course, in all of this, what dominated was and is the impatience and the inexplicable pleasure of all that we live and all that
they are going to come.
The first day at the L’Oreal Academy ended in the most beautiful way.
With a wonderful dinner, where between wine and laughter, we shared secrets and ways of dealing with everyday concerns.
We all promised to give our best for all of you who believe in this art, whether you are on the client’s side or the creator‘s side.

What won’t I forget from the training weekend at L’oreal?

The surprise part I experienced with Agni Mariakaki.
Anyone who knows her understands what I mean.

Anyone who doesn’t know her can get a first taste of her on her channel
Or from her first book “You deserve to be happy”.

Indeed, he is just a bright man where through his unique way of speaking you have a unique experience every time.

The best is here.

Another dream through hard work and of course by believing in myself started to come true!

I don’t want you to forget that:

Knowledge is an investment and that everything you do for yourself will always give you great results in your soul and then in your art!

Nothing is impossible.

Everything is a target.

All you have to do is just believe them and do your best!

There is nothing you can’t achieve!

You’ll take steps, you’ll make mistakes, you’ll fall and you’ll get back up.

Only the one who does nothing makes no mistakes.

What about you?

What is your dream?

Whatever it is, I wish you from the bottom of my heart to succeed!

Go strong and strong L’Oreal Pro Artists!

Calliope Veniou


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