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Everything you need to know about blitz

The most misunderstood tool of our trade is the blitz , and for no particular reason.
Our clients need to understand that when their hair is damaged and damaged after a drying process,
technique or dyeing, it is not the product that is to blame, but the hairdresser and the way the hairdresser uses the blitz .
So let’s look at some signs that show you can trust your hairdresser.

3 reasons you can trust your hairdresser with the blitz

1. Good and quality products

It is very important to do some research on the salon where we intend to change our hair,
either before or during our visit to it.
What exactly should our research be? The products of course.
Good, quality and professional products in dyes, blitz , acetate and wash are the first image of the salon.
and where the customer is looking.
When the client knows that the salon uses products that he or she trusts,
then she is not afraid of the blitz because she has confidence in the company and therefore in the hairdresser.

2. Knowledge and training of the hairdresser

Quality and professional products are all well and good, but what can you do with them if the hairdresser doesn’t have the necessary knowledge and experience.
Many times, the destruction of hair with the blitz is from the hairdresser’s misuse.
Therefore, this ties in with the number one sign and we suggest that you do a further investigation into this.
with the hairdresser’s knowledge , his training , the seminars he has attended.
And the biggest proof is the hair results the hairdresser posts on social media.
Therefore, you can check results such as highlights, balayage, dye, etc.
and at the same time the quality and health of the hair afterwards.

3. Denial when something cannot be done

There is nothing more important and respected by a hairdresser than putting the health of the hair first
and not what the client wants, when what he wants will ruin his hair.
And what we mean by that, so there’s no misunderstanding.
Of course, hairdresser listens to the result that the client wants and that’s the point, to realize it.
But if the state of health of his hair does not bear further treatment and blitz for a period of time
or the change is big, for example from black to platinum blonde,
the right hairdresser is obliged to inform the client and suggest alternatives,
in order for the hair to be healthy forever and protect it.
So, when you see a hairdresser putting health first and not necessarily client satisfaction,
trust him and do not be afraid to use blitz .

So, the above signs are very important and crucial to have a complete picture of whether or not you can trust a hairdresser with a demanding tool such as a blitz .
Good products, his continuous training and whether he will protect your hair are what you need to keep in mind
before choosing a hairdresser for a major hair change.

We hope we have helped you and alleviated your fear of blitz .
Make any change you want to your hair, always with the advice of your hairdresser.

Many kisses,
Sissy and Joanna


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