Monday, June 24, 2024

Cut bangs?

To cut bangs or not to cut bangs?

It’s a dilemma I face every day in my salon.
It goes without saying that I observe you from the first moment you sit down at the workplace and I know exactly whether you have come
with a desire to “cut bangs” or not!

The main questions I hear during a female haircut are:

Cut bangs?

Should I do a fringe?

Will they suit me?

Will I be able to make them?

But of course I’m smiling because I was sure that’s what you were thinking.

The expert’s opinion:

Yes! You cut them and I’ll teach you how to make them quickly and easily.


Until I say yes, you will allow me to look at your face in detail.

Until you decide, you’ll let me try to see if the parting you’ve been doing all these years can change times.

You will let me explain which kind of naivety suits you according to the shape of your face and your eyes.

Together we’ll see if you’ve got it with the hair dryer and brush.

And of course, if the density of your hair allows for bangs or maybe asymmetrical bangs would be better.

Something even more important to “cut bangs” is:

Is this the first time you’ve dared to do something like this?
If so, I would advise you to try something maybe not too intense, but something that in case you regret it you can manage it until it’s longer.

Indeed, there is no face that is not sweetened with a fringe or bangs!

Now, which kind you choose has to do with your taste and of course the advice of your hairdresser.

Here are some ideas to get you prepared for the salon:

You’re still here?!

Go ahead, call the salon you trust and… try it!

Good luck!

Calliope Veniou


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