Saturday, December 9, 2023

Continuous education…

HairXpert are trained!

The education that HairXpert receive is continuous, as Ioanna and I have found out together that apart from the same love and passion, we have a common vision for our art.
One of the positive aspects of this cooperation is the training we receive from the best Colorists abroad.

Recently, we collaborated with the international Artist Berni Ottjes at L’OREAL Academy.
His presentation would cover color techniques, shades as well as a workshop on educational mannequins.


As Pro-Artists we had the honor to co-create backstage and prepare the models presented on stage. The knowledge he imparted to us had to do with a complete proposal with techniques and combination of nuances.

But let’s take a closer look at what we were presented with and what will dominate this Spring 2022.

For another season the fashion trends continue to trend along colour gradients. Multidimensional colours and “luxurious” results.

Chestnut colors, but also blondes vary in gradation and tone heights.

We start from chestnut to dark blonde at the base and the playfulness starts at the lengths and ends where the tone height is covered from dark blonde to very light blonde.
The shades are brown-brunette, like mocha which is either cool or slightly warmer.

Creamy-mushroom blonde

The next favorite shade, which appeals to lighter women, is creamy-mushroom blonde.
This shade captures the rich blonde with gradations of shades in cool tones.
The cool shades contain whipped cream and iridescent shades with the aim of having the colour of cream and mushroom.
The workshop that followed was enriched by techniques that we create in our salons every day.
These techniques are behind the photos that our clients very often bring us!
And the specific shades give a touch of freshness, renewal and shine to the desired color effect.

Mushroom Blond by Berni Ottjes.

In the aftermath of this weekend, I felt informed, inspired…and the creativity in the salon was red hot!!!!
The conclusion is one and only one: Continuing education is a one-way street for the development of our industry and our salon.

Sissy Visvardi

The HairXpert by Ioanna and Sissy.

P.S In our Blog you will find many more useful articles for your hair care and not only! 😉


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