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Child and haircut, an awkward moment

Child and haircut… how do you deal with it?

child and denial

The phone rings and your best client asks you to cut her two-year-old’s hair.
That’s the moment when you break out in a cold sweat and of course your wish is to be a souvlaki,
or even in an amusement park selling cotton candy, rather than cutting the bobblehead that a month ago
you almost cut off all five fingers to keep from cutting off the ears of the otherwise adorable child,
screaming and shaking his head like he was on a bull in the ring
than in the specially designed car for the little kids.

It is particularly difficult to tell when a child might like time at the salon.
Usually when they are young they just find it excruciating and moms and professional hairdressers alike.
Is there something about haircuts and grooming that can cause anxiety and resistance
in some children and of course the indignation of the parents is great.

child and haircut

But what is it that causes the irritation?

A major challenge for many children is that they have to remain unheard for a long time.
Of course it is not helpful at all to remind the child that if he does not sit quietly he may be cut
which increases his stress and tension.
Noises and smells in the room can also cause tension and irritation.
It is advisable to have informed it several days at home about the haircut
and encourage it with a reward game after the haircut.
A reconnaissance walk around the salon days before the haircut and getting to know the hairdresser is a good solution for your child.

children’s haircut

Looking for clever ways to reduce the chances of being called Herod.

Take your child to the store with you having their favourite hero or even their favourite accessory might help.
Some children can’t stand the special down that goes around their necks at all.
A second change of clothes or a cape from a favourite cartoon character might help.

My little mirror, my little mirror…
Letting them look in the mirror may reduce their anxiety.

Add music.
Music helps to distract them and block out surrounding unwanted noise.
Even headphones can be useful.

The usefulness of a timer can be life-saving.
Tell the child that when the timer goes off you will stop,
so you will give them the feeling that the duration of time is not forever and it will give them a sense of control.

You’re so cute.
Offer treats so that you can trick it and at the same time sweeten it for the harm it feels you have done to it.

In general, I think that children’s haircuts are one of the most difficult services for a hairdresser.
Few are those who take on children’s haircuts.
It takes skill, patience, patience, quickness, willingness and a lot of love for the little creatures that after perishing as if by magic,
they automatically stop crying and give you their sweetest smile.

Yours sincerely
Elizabeth Makri

Ελισάβετ Μακρή
Ελισάβετ Μακρή
Ονομάζομαι Ελισάβετ Μάκρη και είμαι μητέρα δυο παιδιών 14 και 5 χρόνων είμαι στο χώρο της κομμωτικής τέχνης 23 χρόνια και τα τελευταία 16 χρόνια ως επιχειρηματίας 4 πλέον καταστημάτων, ενός οικογενειακού κομμωτηρίου , ένα Μπαρμπερ κουρείο remalia barbershop και το πρώτου κέντρο αντιμετώπισης ψείρας στην Ελλάδα στον Άλιμο και στα Ιωάννινα. Η αγάπη μου για την Κομμωτική τέχνη με έκανε να εξελίσσομαι συνέχεια και να μη σταματώ να μαθαίνω.


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