Thursday, February 22, 2024

Balayage without blitz 2 ! Great change with paint!

Your teenage daughter wants to dye her hair … without a decapage!
You don’t want him to decapitate, and I respect that…and if I have to spread it out a little bit, you know.
that the video not only gives a solution for the teenage daughter but also for you who have natural hair
and you imagine that everything to do with change includes the word blitz and you don’t want to, my child!

You don’t want to! Hey, you don’t want to!
Not all changes are with blitz!
Not all balayage is with blitz either!
I have the solution and in the video I present you a wonderful change with a natural but at the same time impressive result
with a very long duration!
To get you in the mood, the whole conversation about the teenager who wants to dye her hair started from messages I get
from mothers and from those who visit me at the salon with desperation in their eyes.
So I created a video to ask what it is that the Greek mother is afraid of and doesn’t want her daughter to dye her hair.
From the responses I received I will create a series of videos that will give an answer or alternative to each of her fears.

And as we all know the Greek mother’s mind goes to evil!
As usual…

So the most popular fear for natural hair is the blitz

First, write me in the comments if you like the result. Then write me your name…
Are you the mom with the teenage daughter who wants to dye her hair?
Or the daughter who wants to dye her hair and has to convince her mother or maybe you who wants to
a natural yet striking change?
Professional hairdressers can see information about B:Brown here.
And of course if you want more details don’t hesitate to message me on social so I can help you with a click here😊
I am the Elizabeth Delandria Hair Expert and Master Hair Colorist of the salons Misel Group and
of the Schools of Hairdressing and BeautyMisel Group MasterClass.
We went for balayage without blitz ! 💥💥💥


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